Anitha H M

Designation:  Assistant Professor
Date of Joining the Institution: 8.8.2013
UG_Qualifications with Class/Grade: BE [CSE]/FC
PG_Qualifications with Class/Grade:  M. Tech /FCD
PhD_Qualifications with Class/Grade:  Registered in 2014
Field PhD Guide:  Cloud Computing
University PhD Guide:  VTU
Professional Memberships:  IEEE, ISTE

Recent Publications 

  1. Active Learning Techniques in Engineering Education, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Nov 2014. Citation-1
  2. Simple Sample Face Recognition using LPP-A Survey, National Conference on Sustainable Engineering & Management, May 2017.
  3. Smart Music Player – MUSICO, National Conference on Sustainable Engineering & Management, May 2017.
  4. Security Challenges of Virtualization in Cloud Environment", International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science and Engineering, Vol.6, Issue.1, pp.37-43, 2018. 
  5. "Secure Virtual Machine Migration in Virtualized Environment", 2nd International Conference on Inventive Systems and Control (ICISC 2018),Coimbatore,India.
  6. Effective Learning of Computer Networks and Security using Problem based Approach,IJLTEMAS March 2018.

Google Scholar citations: 1

Participation in Workshops/Training Programs

  1. Pedagogy by IIT Bombay, 12-14 June 2014.
  2. Research Methodologies, VTU Regional Centre, Bangalore, 18-20 March 2015.
  3. PhD Colloquium, BMSCE, 12-13 June, IACC 2015, BMSCE.
  4. Computer Networks, by IIT Bombay, 28th May - 5 July 2014.
  5. FDP on Cloud Computing from 11-16 July, 2016, BNMIT, Bangalore.
  6. TEQIP sponsored one week workshop, Virtualization and Cloud Security, BMSCE, 26, 28, 29 Jan, 4-5 Feb 2017.
  7. 8 week online course on Introduction to programming in C,NPTEL,July-Sept. 2017.
  8. IEEE Awareness Workshop on Accreditation in Engineering Education at BMSCE, July 3, 2017.
  9. TEQUIP III sponsored Five days FDP on "Data Science and Communication Networks", 2nd Jan to 6th Jan 2018,BMSCE.