Dr Shambhavi B R

Designation:  Associate Professor
Date of Joining the Institution:  02.09.2013
PhD_Qualifications with Class/Grade:  Awarded in 2013
Field PhD Guide:  Natural Language Processing
University PhD Guide:  VTU
PhDs Projects Guided:  Guiding 4 research scholars
Professional Memberships IEEE, ISTE

Recent Publications 

  1. Morphological Analysis & Generation of Kannada Text with Paradigm Approach, International Multi Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology, Aug 2014.       
  2. Approaches to Named Entity Recognition in Indian Languages – A study, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Vol.3, Issue 6, pp. 191-194, Aug 2014.
  3. Word level language Identification and back transliteration of Romanized text: A shared task report by BMSCE, Sixth workshop of Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation, 5-8 Dec 2014. Citation-1.
  4. Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data, International Journal of advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology, Vol.3, Issue 12, pp. 4337-4342, Dec 2014.
  5. Blended Learning, an Integrated Learning Solution in Undergraduate Engineering Education: A Case study, Journal of Engineering Education transformations, pp. 311-314, Jan 2015. Citation-1.
  6. Role of Industry to improve Outcome Based Education in Engineering, Journal of Engineering Education Transformations, pp:358-361, Jan 2015
  7. Red Black Cryptography, IEEE International Advance Computing Conference, June 2015.
  8. Performance Comparison of word sense Disambiguation Approaches for Indian Languages, IEEE International Advance Computing Conference, June 2015. Citations-2.
  9. QEEE Spoken English Bridge Course for the Enhancement of Communication skills in Engineering Graduates, Journal of Engineering Education Transformations, Vol.29, Issue 2, Oct 2015.
  10. A Novel Approach to Sandhi Splitting at character level for Kannada language, IEEE International Conference on Computational Systems and Information Technology for Sustainable Solution, Oct 2016.
  11. Effective Collaborative activities and active learning in Engineering education-A case study, 4th IEEE International Conference on MOOCs, Innovation and Technology in Education, Dec 2016.
  12. Quality Workflow Management for different Android Platform Device, IEEE International Conference on Recent Trends in Electronics Information Communication Technology, May 2017.
  13. Survey of Big Data Research in Health care Analytics, International Journal of Data Science, Under Review.
  14. A Survey of Ontology based semantic Information Retrieval, Computational systems and Information Technology for Sustainable Solution, Under Review.
  15. Predictive Analytics: A survey, Trends, Applications and Recommendations, International Journal of Data Mining and Emerging Technologies, Under Review.
  16. Syntax parsing on tagged Kannada text, International Journal of System and Software Engineering, Under Review.
  17. Implementation of QEEE in Autonomous Institutions, IEEE MOOCs, Innovation and Technology in Education – MITE 2017, Under review.
  18. Detection of content replication on Cloud, International Journal of Innovative research in Science, Engineering & Technology, Under review.

Google Scholar CItations: 24

Participation in Workshops/Training Programs

  1. Faculty Orientation Program, 26 Sep - 1 Oct 2013.
  2. Workshop on Aview, BMSCE, 23 Oct 2013.
  3. QEEE workshop for faculty coordinators, IIT Madras, 13-14 Dec 2013.
  4. Indian Tech. Congress, The Nimhans Convention Centre, Bangalore, 2014.
  5. QEEE Workshop, India International Centre, New Delhi, 13 March 2014.
  6. QEEE Workshop, IIT Madras, April 2014.
  7. Mobile App.  Devp., BMSCE, 1 Aug 2014.
  8. ISTE workshop on Pedagogy for Effective use of ICT in Engineering Education by NMEICT, 12 June - 2 Aug 2014, BMSCE.
  9. MOOC on MOOC, IIT Kanpur and COL with TEQIP, 5 Sep-12 Oct 2014.
  10. Virtualization Techniques in Cloud Computing, Novell, 18 Oct 2014.
  11. TEQIP sponsored work shop on Software Testing in collaboration IIIC and Novell Software Development (I) Pvt Ltd, 29 Oct 2014.
  12. Architecture for Cloud, Dept. of Science & Engg., IIT Ropar, 8 Dec 2014-8 Jan 2015.
  13. Project based learning, ICTIEE, 5 Jan 2015.
  14. Industry Aca. Partnership, ICTIEE, 6 Jan 2015.
  15. Techvista 2015, Bangalore, 23 Jan 2015.
  16. IUCEE-IGIP International Engg. Educator Program, Jan-Jun 2015.
  17. FDP on IPR: Significance for Academia, 25 March 2015.
  18. PhD Colloqium, 12-13 June, IACC 2015.
  19. QEEE Workshop, IIT Madras, Oct 2014.
  20. Workshop on Outcome Based Education and Accreditation, BMSCE, 21 July 2015.
  21. Orientation programme on assessment of Quality of Teaching Learning Process, BMSCE, 29 July 2015.
  22. Training on Inpods, BMSCE, 30 July 2015.
  23. Outcome Based Education, BMSCE in association with IUCEE and Inpods, 2-3 Aug 2015.
  24. QEEE Workshop, IIT Madras, Oct 2015.
  25. QEEE Feedback workshop, IIT Madras, April 2016.
  26. 12-week online course on Natural Language Processing, NPTEL, Jan-Apr 2017.

PhD Guidance



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Research Scholar


Research Area

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1 Shantala N 1BM15PEJ17 Mining and analysis of data patterns VTU 2014 Course work completed
2 M Rajanishree 1BM15PEJ15 Natural language processing VTU 2015 Pursuing course work
3 Sowmya Lakshmi B S 1BM16PEJ23 Data Analytics VTU 2016 Pursuing course work
4 Shilpa B L 1BM16PEJ25 Big Data Analytics VTU 2016 Pursuing course work