Nalina V

Designation:  Assistant Professor
Date of Joining the Institution:  04.09.2010
UG_Qualifications with Class/Grade:  BE [CSE] / FC
PG_Qualifications with Class/Grade:  M. Tech [CNE]/FCD
PhD_Qualifications with Class/Grade: Registerd in 2015 under VTU

Recent Publications 

  1. Role of consultancy in Engineering Education, Journal of Engg. Education Transformation, Vol 29, Issue 2, pp. 31-34, January 2015.  
  2. Cloud Based Multiple Vehicle Tracking and Locking System, IEEE International Advance Computing Conference IACC, June 2015. Citation-1
  3. Envision-Assistive Device for the Blind, National Conference on Sustainable Engineering and Management, May 2017. The paper was awarded first prize.
  4. Graphical password scheme for providing high security using private images, National Conference on Sustainable Engineering and Management, May 2017.
  5. Road Traffic Detection Using Status Update Messages, National Conference on Sustainable Engineering and Management, May 2017.
  6. Traffic light Control System for Emergency Vehicles, International Journal of Information Technology, Springer publications, Under review.
  7. 'Enhancing practical skills in Data Communication and Networking course by usage of modern tools ' ,  Int. J. of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-Long Learning, Inderscience Publishers, Under review.

Google Scholar citations: 1

Participation in Workshops/Training Programs

  1. FDP at Accenture, 24 Nov 2013.
  2. FDP on Pedagogical Skills development training, 1-5 Aug 2014.
  3. MOOC on MOOC, by IIT Kanpur, 5 Sep - 12 Oct 2014.
  4. MOOC course on Cloud computing, by IIT Kanpur and IIT Ropar, 25 Aug-15 Sep 2014, 15 Oct-15 Nov 2014.
  5. Project based learning, ICTIEE, 5 Jan 2015.
  6. Problem Based Learning, ICTIEE, 6 Jan 2015.
  7. Techvista, Microsoft Research India, 23 Jan 2015.
  8. IPR: Significance for Academia, 25 March 2015.
  9. Talent Bridge Learning tools to Increase Employability Quotient and prepare in-line with industry requirements, 26 Mar 2015
  10. PhD Colloquium, IACC, BMSCE, 12-13 June 2015.
  11. Integrating Projects and Design into Core Engg. courses: Enhancing learning and preparing professionals, 20 July 2015, BMSCE.
  12. Assessment of Quality of Teaching Learning Process, BMSCE, 29 July 2015.
  13. Free Campus Recruitment Training workshop, 18 Aug 2015.
  14. Overseas Education, 25 Aug 2015.
  15. Research Quality through Publications: Why? How? When?, BMSCE, 30 Oct & 18 Nov 2015.
  16. Cloud Computing: Open stack Implementation for setting up private cloud, CDAC, Bangalore, 23 - 25 June 2016.
  17. One week workshop on Internet of Things: Sensors to Cloud Analytics at RVCE, 18-23 July 2016.
  18. Completed MOOC certification course on Python Data Structures online non-credit course authorized by University of Michigan and offered through Coursera, June 2017.