Sindhu K

Designation:  Assistant Professor
Date of Joining the Institution:  24.04.2008
UG_Qualifications with Class/Grade:  BE [CSE]/FC
PG_Qualifications with Class/Grade:  M. Tech [CNE]/FCD
PhD_Qualifications with Class/Grade: Registered in 2014 under VTU

Recent Publications

  1. Revised Blooms Taxomony for Assessment in Engineering Education, Int. Conference on Transformations in Engg. Education, Jan 2015.
  2. Design Analysis and Implementation of an Instantaneous Feedback System, Int. Conference on Data Engineering & Communication Systems, Dec 2015.
  3. A Comparative Approach to detect Micro aneurysms in Retinal Fundus Images, National Conference on Sustainable Engineering and Management, May, 2017.
  4. A Performance Analysis on Cloud based Mobile Augmentation in Mobile Cloud Computing, Int. Conference on Signal, Image Processing, Communication and Automation, July 2017.
  5. Project based Learning for a Comprehensive course- Programming with Java, a case study, IEEE MOOCs, Innovation and Technology in Education – MITE 2017, Under review.
  6. An Experimental Analysis on Performance and Energy Saving in MCC, International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Sep 2017, 45-52, DOI: 10.5815/ijitcs.2017.09.04

Google Scholar citations: 4

Participation in Workshops/Training Programs

  1. TEQIP-II sponsored workshop on Cloud Computing and Aneka Platform, by SFPU Karnataka & PESIT, 11 Oct 2013
  2. National workshop on How to use A-view, BMSCE by National mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, 23 Nov 2013
  3. Cyber Security, by MHRD, Conducted by IITB, 10-20 July 2014.
  4. Mobile Application Development, BMSCE, 1 Aug 2014.
  5. MOOC on MOOC, by IIT Kanpur, 5 Sep - 12 Oct 2014.
  6. MOOC course on Cloud computing, by IIT Kanpur and IIT Ropar, 25 Aug-15 Sep 2014, 15 Oct-15 Nov 2014.
  7. Virtualization Techniques in Cloud Computing, Novell, 18 Oct 2014.
  8. App Devp. on Google Cloud Platform, 28 Feb 2015.
  9. College to Corporate, FROH Tech Services, 11 April 2015, BMSCE.
  10. Research Methodologies and Latex, VTU E-learning Centre, 21-23 May 2015.
  11. PhD Colloquium, IACC, BMSCE, 12-13 June 2015
  12. Overseas Education, N&N Chopra Consultants, 25 August 2015, BMSCE.
  13. Research Quality through Publications: Why? How? When?, BMSCE, 30 Oct & 18 Nov 2015.
  14. Cloud Computing: Open stack Implementation for setting up private cloud, CDAC, Bangalore, 23 - 25 June 2016.
  15. One week workshop on Internet of Things: Sensors to Cloud Analytics, RVCE, 18-23 July 2016.
  16. Cloud Analytics Mobile Social Security, conducted by IBM India Pvt. Ltd., BMSCE, 8 Sept. 2016.
  17. Two day workshop on E-resources for Teaching and Research, 4-5 May, 2017, BMSCE.