Dr. H S Guruprasad

Designation:  Professor
Department:  Information Science and Engineering
Date of Joining the Institution:  07.11.1997
UG_Qualifications with Class/Grade:  BE [CSE]/FCD
PG_Qualifications with Class/Grade:  MS [CSE]/FCD
PhD_Qualifications with Class/Grade:  Awarded
Field PhD Guide:  Networks & Communications, Cloud Computing, Algorithms
University PhD Guide: VTU
PhDs Projects Guided:  Guiding 5 PhD candidates
Projects at Masters level Guiding / Guided:  110
Professional Memberships:  Member of BITES, CSI
Awards:  Rastriya Gaurav Award – 2012
Interaction with Professional Institutions:  Actively involved with many professional colleges as BoS member, BoE member etc Delivered Guest lectures at many institutions

Recent Publications

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  25. A novel approach for efficient resource allocation in Cloud using Genetic Algorithms, 3D Research Scopus, Computer Science & Engg Springer Science Business Media, Under review.

Google Scholar Citations: 204

Participation in Workshops/Training Programs

  1. ​Strengthening academic leadership traits and good governance, Cresys Technologies, 2013.
  2. Outcome based education and preparing Self-assessment report, SIT, Tumkur, 3-4 July 2013.
  3. WOSA 2014, New Delhi, 8-10 March 2014.
  4. Training program on IPR and Patents, RGNIIPM, Nagpur, 3-5 Dec 2014.
  5. Third Management Capacity Enhancement Programme, IIM Trichy, 12-16 Oct 2015.
  6. OBE workshop, SIT Tumkur, 2015.
  7. Hands-on training on Data entry on Web based SPFU Portal, Higher education Council Hall, Bangalore, Jan 2016.
  8. WOSA 2016 March 2016, New Delhi.
  9. Outcome based education workshop, PESIT, Bangalore.

PhD Guidance



Name of the

Research Scholar


Research Area

Registered under

Year of


1 T Vijay Kumar 1BM08PEN04 Pattern Discovery and Pattern Analysis in Web Usage Mining VTU 2008 Thesis submission
2 Nandini Vineeth 1BM11PEM04 Design and Development of Methodologies for Efficient Streaming in Vehicular Networks VTU 2011 Completed comprehensive viva
3 Bhavani B H 1BM11PEN07 Cloud computing VTU 2012 Completed comprehensive viva
4 Sindhu K 1BM14PEM01 Mobile cloud computing VTU 2014 Completed course work