Dr Savithri M Bhat

Associate Professor and Head

Department of Biotechnology, BMSCE was established in 2002. The Department offers Bachelor of Engineering, with an intake capacity of 40. Our vision is to become Centre of excellence in the field of biotechnology and impart quality education to the graduates that deliver biotechnological solutions for the welfare of mankind. The department is committed to produce top class engineering professionals through academic excellence andendeavours to bring out the true talent of the student in the form of creative ideas, designs and projects. In an effort to achieve this, in addition to regular teaching of the syllabus, the department conducts extension lectures by the experts, hands on training programson advanced techniques conferences and industrial visits on regular basis. The department has well experienced, qualified and committed faculty who maintain interactive rapport withstudents. The department also encourages the students to take up industrial training in the area of their interest during the inter semester holidays.To improve both oral and writtenthe communicative skills, language lab is available as central facility. Apart from the above, The communicative skills and lifelong learning capacities are boosted in the form of class room presentations, open-ended experiments, industry involvement in teaching theory and conduction of practicals.

In the present day competitive world, mere examination oriented study is not going to help the student in the long run. As biotech field offers innumerable opportunities for self- employment and entrepreneurship, The students are advised to be abreast of the advances in the field and are advised to learn C, C++ and data structures in the end of first year, JAVA/BioJAVA/ Bio PERL in the end of second year and Industrial training in the semester gap at the end of third year, besides at least one foreign language.